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So much shine! Our Wooden Glitter Wall Letters are created with a very labour-intensive process to give you a high quality glitter that sparkles and shines brighter and more glittery than traditional glitter paints. In fact - we don't even use glitter paints!

We start by hand painting the letters in a basecoat that matches the glitter. Once we have a base on the letters we then hand paint an adhesive in a slow, piece by piece process that allows us to "dip" the letters in to high quality loose glitter. Once the letters are completely covered in the glitter and they sparkle and shine to our liking we let them dry. Once they are dried we then hand paint a sealant on to keep all that glitter on the letter! No one wants glitter all over their house! Finally a second sealant is sprayed on to complete the piece.

It is a tedious process but one that assures your glitter letters are of the highest quality and sparklel like no other! Great for wedding letters, babys rooms, teen girl rooms and anywhere that sparkle and shine is needed!

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