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Order delays due to surgery

April 5th, 2017 Update:

Hey everyone. Just wanted to update now that I've had my surgery. There seems to be a bit of a misconception based on a few emails I've received that I am on vacation and that there is a set date that I will be back to work. To be clear, this is no vacation! Previous to the surgery I didn't have any idea how long I would need because until my surgeon got in there we didn't know the extent of the damage to my hip. Well, now that it's all over with I have a better idea. Once he got in there he shaved back some bone, reattached my labrum that was torn and discovered that I do, in fact, have damage to the cartilage and joint so he had to clean that up too. The cartilage damage means that I need more recovery time. My surgeon was very adamant that I keep weight off of it and do nothing for at least three weeks. I'm only 41 and I plan to heed his advice as I'd like to get at least another 20 years out of this hip as well as eventually return to some of my former activities.

So what does that mean for returning to work? I will be taking a complete work break this first week for sure. I won't be answering emails and will be resting. I am in a lot of pain and moving around is not easy. Sitting is torture! I need some time for recovery right now. When I feel ready I will reply to emails but I ask for your patience.

We are a small, family business and I do most everything aside from wood cutting. I'm not sure when I will return to painting. I will be taking it day by day. My husband will still be cutting so past this week there won't be any delays on unpainted items. This week I am really relying on him to help me and do everything with our three kids.


Below are some estimated turn around times. I will continue to update as I go. Please follow our Facebook Page for even more updates. Thank you all! I have had a ton of support through this and it is greatly appreciated. Now it's time to heal!

Orders Received between February 25th - March 11th:
Unpainted - 1-2 weeks
Painted items - 5-6 weeks
Artwork items - 8-10 weeks
Multiple item orders - 6-8 weeks

Orders Received between March 12th - March 31:
Unpainted - 1-2 weeks
Painted items - 6-8 weeks
Artwork items - 10-12 weeks
Multiple item orders - 8-10 weeks

Orders Received in April (times are VERY estimated. It is a bit unknown at this time)
Unpainted - 2-3 weeks
Painted items - 8-9 weeks
Artwork items - 12 weeks
Multiple item orders -8-10 weeks