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Updated Friday, February 17th, 2017
An update regarding turn around times and upcoming delays:

On April 4th, 2017 I will be undergoing a Hip Arthroscopy to repair damage to my left hip. This is a fairly significant surgery that I will need to take some time off of working for recovery. Because it is just weeks away this falls into the time frame for many orders that will be placed within the next couple of weeks. I do not know how much time off I will need. It will depend on the extent of damage that needs to be repaired and how everything goes but I am told to plan for at least 2 - 3 solid weeks before I can really start doing things again.

If you are planning to order soon then I suggest that the sooner you order the better. Orders received between February 25th through April will most likely have a delay. I am the sole artist, painter, order taker, packager, shipper and email replier so delays will be inevitable!

Unpainted items may have a slight delay but should be processed as usual. My husband does the woodcutting and he's fast as lightening!

Thank you all for your patience. Below are some ESTIMATED wait times during this period.

Orders Received between February 17th - February 24th:
Unpainted - 1-2 weeks
Painted items - 4-5 weeks
Artwork items - 8-10 weeks
Multiple item orders - 6-8 weeks

Orders Received between February 25th - March 11th:
Unpainted - 1-2 weeks
Painted items - 5-6 weeks
Artwork items - 8-10 weeks
Multiple item orders - 6-8 weeks

Orders Received between March 12th - March 31:
Unpainted - 1-2 weeks
Painted items - 6-8 weeks
Artwork items - 10-12 weeks
Multiple item orders - 8-10 weeks

Orders Received in April (times are VERY estimated. It is a bit unknown at this time)
Unpainted - 2-3 weeks
Painted items - 8-9 weeks
Artwork items - 12 weeks
Multiple item orders -8-10 weeks

March 20th, 2017 Update:

A quick update on turn around times and where I'm at now that I'm only TWO WEEKS away from my hip surgery. (eeek!)

I'm currently right on track with all orders - however - if you ordered after February 25th there will be delays so expect some additional time to wait on your order. I cannot say how long the delays will be at this time as it's hard to predict how much time I will need before I can return to working. The following is a very rough estimate of what you may expect if you are ordering in the next while:

*Please note that there shouldn't be much of a delay on unpainted items.

Unpainted - 2-3 weeks
Painted items - 8-9 weeks
Artwork items - 12 weeks
Multiple item orders -8-12 weeks

Some answers to some frequently asked questions:

Pricing? ALL pricing is on our website. It is a shopping cart website and you can order right off of it. Every item has drop down menus with the sizing and pricing so simply select what you are after for size or number of letters and you will see the price.

Rush orders? We cannot accommodate them. We are simply too busy and everyone's order is important and anxiously waited upon.

Preview of letters? WHEN YOU ORDER connected letters or the fancy script letters we will provide you with a mock up of the design and in the case of the fancy script letters you will have many options sent to you. These take some time to prepare so please allow up to 48 hours for the designs. We don't cut any letters until you approve the design/font. We also provide final sizing at this point. Please note that we generally send design proofs after an order is placed as this time consuming part of the process is part of the cost of the product.

Should anyone have any questions at all our preferred method of communication is through email: info@bouncingoffthewalls.ca

Thank you all for your continued support. This year has been off to a spectacular start and I appreciate and thank you for the business. At this point in time we are still just a family run business. My husband does all the wood cutting on his days off from his full time job and I do everything else so we appreciate the patience and the loyalty that we have been subject to. Know that we are doing our best to meet all your needs.