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How long does it take to receive my order? TOP

Orders can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to complete depending on what you order and how many items are in the order. Unpainted items are approximately 1-2 weeks. Please note that larger orders of 3 or more items and painted alphabet packages can take up to 12 weeks. These times are simply an estimate and can go a week or two in either direction dependent on work load. Sometimes I get an overwhelming amount of orders within a short period of time which can increase wait times. The earlier you order the better.

I complete everything in the order it is received. We can not do rush orders at this time.

Why does it take so long? TOP

At this time I do not carry any items in stock. Everything is custom made to order and order volumes are high. It is all cut in house and meticulously hand painted. Sometimes this means many coats of paint to achieve a look of perfection. All items are also coated with a protective varnish which must also take some time to dry. I work as fast as I can to process orders in the most efficient way we I know how. Please keep in mind you are not purchasing mass produced items, but one of a kind pieces of artwork. Well worth the wait!

Do you offer rush shipping? TOP

Unfortunately we just cannot accomodate rush orders at this time. Please do not ask as we hate to say no. All orders are completed in the order they are received.

How Do I Hang My Letters? TOP

Larger letters will have hooks on the back for hanging. Thinner letters like dainty Connected letters or the Fancy Script letters that are too thin to add hooks to will have holes in the back.

These letters that have holes on the backs you just need small nails to hang them on. The easiest way to do this is to place the head of the nails into the holes, hold the piece up to the wall where you want it to hang and press with enough pressure to make a mark on the wall. Those marks are where you would put your nails in and it should hang nicely.

However; our preferred method of hanging these delicate, tricky-to-position letters is to use two-sided tape. It's simply the easiest method and you can get the letters exactly how you want them!


Can you change a design or does it have to be what is shown? TOP

Everything is hand painted and therefore completely customizable. If you like certain designs but prefer different colors, want to change the design a bit or start from scratch with something new we can do it all! For each catagory there is a "custom" selection. Here you can give us as much information as possible to come up with something perfect for you. The more information the better so if you can provide links to bedding, photos, or paint swatches this will ensure an even better match to what you are going for!

If you order a design and DO NOT specify any changes I paint the letters in the same order as shown in the sample. If the name is longer than the sample name shown I repeat the patterns or continue the desing onto the additional letters.

Can I send you fabric or paint swatches? TOP

Yes. If you wish to send some swatches to get an exact match just use the contact page to request this and I will send you the mailing address.

Can you do a sketch so I can see what my order will look like? TOP

As I get as much information as I can for each order I rarely will do sketches unless it is something that is quite complicated. With the information you provide I work with you to come up with something that works. My artist brain works best when left to just "go for it." I often make things up as I go or add things as the pieces are coming together, painting them how I think they will look the best. Sticking to a sketch goes against the way my brain works and prevents me from doing my best work! Sorry. That's what you get for working with a silly artist!

I will always provide photos of custom designs before I ship anything so that you can see the work and make any changes necessary. If you really must see a sketch first I can do one sketch up from which to work with. Any additional sketches may be charged $5 per sketch.

Can I get paint samples sent to match colors? TOP

Paint colors can be tough. With the differences in cameras, lighting, computer monitors etc it's hard to know if the color you see on your screen is the color you will get. If you have colors you wish to match in your room but you aren't sure what color to choose from my paint samples or you would like to match some of the colors I have in my designs I can send you a paint card with samples on it at no charge. Simply contact me with the colors you want to see and I'll mail it you.

Can I pick my order up? TOP

Yes. If you live in the Calgary or Cochrane area you can arrange to pick your order up. Simply select "pick up" as your shipping option and I will contact you when your order is complete to arrange it.

Please note that I do not do deliveries. If you choose the Pick Up option you must come to my location to pick your order up.

Do you do any drop shipping? TOP

No. We do not offer products for drop shipping.

I have a blog and would like to do a review or giveaway with your products? TOP

Bouncing Off The Walls does not give any free products for reviews or giveaways on blogs. If you would like to do a review on any of our products you can purchase your item at a discounted price. Please contact us for more information. In order to participate in a giveaway your blog must have a following of over 1000 followers and a Google ranking of at least 3 or higher.

Will you match my bedding or do a character? TOP

Please note that I do not do copyrighted characters or exact matching of bedding. I specialize in unique designs that I create myself. I will not infringe on another artist work in any way. I can definitely create designs to coordinate with your bedding or theme but a direct copy is just that - copying.

Can I see what the name will look like before I order? TOP

Every order once placed will recieve a mock up of the name along with actual dimensions. At this time you can change the font style if you are not happy with how the name looks. Nothing is final until final approval is given and we cut the name so if you are not sure which font you like the best we will work together to find the perfect one for you.

With the Fancy Script letters the design process is included in the price of the product when you place an order. When you order we give you many different variations of the name to work with. We sometimes mix and match the fonts, or show more than one of the fonts and go back and forth until you get just what you want before we cut anything. It can be a time consuming process but we work at it until we have the name just right before we cut anything.